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Airway-Centered Dentistry in Parker, CO

Treatment fo the symptoms of mild to moderate sleep disordered breathing
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Dr. Jyothi Kudasomannavar, DMD
Dr. Jyothi Kudasomannavar, DMD

Meet Dr. Jyothi K.

Dr.Jyothi is an airway-centered dentist and is passionate about helping her patients achieve overall wellness. She focuses not only on dental health but overall health, the foundation of which is deep restorative sleep and nasal breathing.

Dr.Jyothi has completed extensive training in the identification and treatment of patients suffering from poor sleep, sleep disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea due to craniofacial discrepancies. She works with adult and pediatric patients to evaluate their breathing and the structure of their jaw and palate. Using a range of therapies and oral device treatments to restore better breathing and sleep is the key to addressing problems with lasting results. She is also trained in Buteyko breathing techniques and myofunctional therapy. This not only prevents more expensive dental work but also sets a good foundation for your overall health.

Dr.Jyothi is a Diplomat of ASBA (American Sleep and Breathing Academy) and a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. She is also a VIVOS integrated dental practitioner and has completed intensive certification courses to treat children and adults with biomimetic appliances and guides.

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Airway-Centered Dentistry

Airway Dentistry is an evolving area of both study and treatment that can provide solutions for a wide range of oral and overall health problems. It is now widely accepted in the medical community that a restricted airway is a result of a restricted dental arch and decreased tongue space. Airway dentistry seeks to address the airway structure problems using oral appliances

Airway dentistry focuses on addressing common and complex concerns related to the structure of the bite and palate, which affects how you breathe. The science of Airway Dentistry has shown that many adult sleep issues are related to undiagnosed oral developmental concerns. Malocclusion, jaw structure abnormalities, and tooth alignment can affect our growth and our ability to breathe deeply and comfortably in our sleep. What may begin as mouth breathing when we are young can lead to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS).

The science of Airway Dentistry continues to develop, focusing on how we breathe and what factors are leading to these common problems. The mechanics of natural breathing rely on an open airway that is supported by stable oral health, functional jaw joints, and unrestricted airflow through our nasal passages. When a component of this natural process is compromised in some way, it can lead to health effects that are often chronic.

In young children, sleep disturbance caused by an airway issue can lead to behavioral problems, bedwetting, and chronic allergies. Airway dentistry could minimize the need for a pharmaceutical approach to a behavioral problem such as ADHD.

In adults, oral appliances can be used to treat mild, moderate obstructive sleep apnea and upper airway resistance syndrome as an alternative or in combination to CPAP. It is a nonpainful, nonpharmaceutical, nonsurgical process.

As an experienced dentist, Dr. Jyothi has an in-depth understanding of the issues in the mouth and throat that facilitate airflow. She has advanced training in the diagnosis of oral conditions that impact the airway and a range of therapies and treatments for children and adults. Dr.Jyothi uses the airway-centered approach to your care in our office to identify the underlying structural cause of a sleep issue and resolve symptoms.

Treating the effects of sleep issues as early as possible is important for healthy growth and development in children. In adults with sleep problems, treatment is designed to resolve symptoms, restore improved oral health, and increase overall physical well-being.

We offer a free low stress, no-pressure patient education session to answer any of your questions. This will be by appointment only. The objective is to empower you with awareness and gain knowledge about your sleep quality and breathing issues.


Call us if you suffer from any of the following, you may have some form of sleep-disordered breathing

  • Snoring, gasping

  • Mouth-breathing

  • Frequent congestion

  • Frequent headaches

  • Dry mouth

  • Teeth grinding/clenching

  • Poor sleep

  • Excessive daytime drowsiness

  • Excess body weight

  • You wake up with a headache, not feeling fresh

  • You wake up with a stuffy nose

  • Crooked teeth


Dr.Jyothi is passionate about helping her patients experience the life-changing benefits of well-rested sleep and functional breathing. Understanding your airway starts with a thorough dental evaluation, postural analysis, symptom review, and evaluation of your health history.

1st VISIT – Initial screening: If you are a patient new to airway-focused dentistry but think this applies to you, your initial screening will include an hour appointment. Dr.Jyothi will do a basic evaluation and as a specialist in Airway-Centered Dentistry, Dr.Jyothi can determine if you would benefit from airway treatment. Dr.Jyothi and her knowledgeable team will give you all the information regarding what airway-centered dentistry is about and how can it help you and the different treatment options that you have. So you can make an informed decision.

2ND VISIT – Detailed screening: If you choose to get screened to get an in-depth personalized airway report, you will be scheduled for a second appointment. We use technology and the latest research to map and measure your craniofacial structures. Dr.Jyothi then partners with a multidisciplinary team to diagnose the root cause of disordered breathing and to chart a detailed, personalized plan to treat airway insufficiencies. We will gather data including:

  • 3D x-ray of your airway

  • A take-home sleep test (You will receive a sleep study device to wear for two nights. The device will collect data on your breathing and sleeping patterns. Once you return the device, a board-certified sleep doctor will analyze your data and will share the findings of your sleep study with Jyothi)

  • An oral airway exam/pictures/digital impressions.

  • An Epworth sleep survey

  • Evaluation of your overall health history

3rd VISIT: Discuss treatment plan and START TREATMENT!: If it is determined that you might be a good candidate for airway appliance therapy, we will give you the different treatment options, lay out the roadmap for treatment, including expected costs, medical insurance reimbursement, total time of treatment, etc.

Customization. Your diagnostic results and treatment plan are shared with a specialized lab that will craft your custom dental appliance


Well-rested sleep and functional breathing give your body what it needs for vibrant, healthy living. The benefits you’ll experience from airway treatment can profoundly enhance your overall health and your daily quality of life. Those benefits include:

  • Reduced and eliminated snoring, teeth clenching, and OSA
  • Enhanced appearance and alignment of teeth and dental arches
  • Pain relief
  • Better posture
  • Restorative sleep
  • Mood boost
  • Increased energy, focus, and mental acuity
  • Improved cardiovascular, metabolic, and hormonal health
  • Ability to achieve and maintain a healthy weight
Child with healthy face, oral, and jaw development
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5 Signs of Healthy Dental & Airway Development in Children

Did you know that a majority of children in the U.S. show signs of underdevelopment in their face and jaws? This can manifest itself in a multitude of ways from ADHD-like symptoms to bedwetting to a lack of emotional regulation. The good news is that it can often be corrected without the use of medicine or surgery. Learn about the top 5 signs today!